The Big Lebanese News

Following the affairs in Lebanon is not a matter of a spy and dagger game. You can simply keep up with the events back home with just a click of a mouse. There’s more than just news. You’ll find interesting blogs, updates on the sporting world, and Middle East and World News from the country’s leading newspapers.Keeping Up With the Other Part of the WorldWithout Michael J. Totten’s blogs, the world will not be able to see the extent of the affairs in the Middle East. Other popular blogs like blogging Beirut, Syria Comment, Beiruter Blog, and others contribute much to Lebanese news. These blogs reflect keen perception and analysis of the political dynamics taking place in the Arab world.Where else can you be immediately alerted that Lebanon did not qualify for the Olympic Soccer Tournament, or about political urgings to elect the next Lebanese president but in news from Lebanon that you can find online? Political Science students can enjoy a wealth of current information that provides a picture of a country in turmoil.By picking up the latest Lebanese news, students can delve deeper into the thorny issues surrounding the political bickering and its impact on the world. Throughout the tumultuous events, the world watches with bated breath.News and MoreTo get the latest news, just hop online and Google the net for full news coverage in English and in Lebanese. The editorials add interesting views to the news. You can have a pick of the latest breaking news, entertainment, sports, snapshots, and a glimpse into the country’s culture.For research purposes, online Lebanon news provides a wealth of information on current issues and some insights into the different political and social situations. The objective approach gives the readers the opportunity to decide for themselves what they think of events happening in Lebanon and nearby countries.The humorous blogs keep people posted on the lighter side of life in Lebanon. The blogs provide a peek into the way people are getting along with the changes in the system like the postal service. As for the nightlife in Lebanon, there are also articles that will take you to the different alleys where the neon lights are merrily twinkling.The blogsphere invites readers to get acquainted with the two faces of Lebanon. It’s worth your time to read through these. These are entertaining and informative without being tedious.Lebanese news online provide video clips of events and virtual tours to the great and ancient places and ruins that hark back to biblical times. For viewers, this is indeed a remarkable treat. You’ll want to go Lebanon if only to see these places, which would be an experience of a lifetime.Keep Up With The NewsThe gap between the mysterious Mediterranean countries and the outside world is closed by Lebanese news. For those who think that Lebanon is an intriguing place, they are right. The country continues to breathe the mystery and the allure of ancient times, but with all the trappings of modern living.Get to know the people and the culture of Lebanon. Keep up with the big Lebanese news any time. Everything you need to know is available online. For the next research, you can check out the archives or read up the latest news – from politics to cartoons, similar to the daily newspaper delivered to your doorstep.

Healthcare & Blogs: Should We Believe The Hype?

Physicians, healthcare executives, pharmaceutical companies and others have been slow to jump on the blogging bandwagon. The primary reason is because they have a negative opinion of blogs. Some believe that blogs are filled with inaccurate information and cannot drive sales of healthcare products and services.In some respects, this negative perception of blogs is justified. This is because
blogs are far from a perfect communications medium. Some of the reasons for this
include:- It Is Difficult To Vet Blog Content: Currently, there is no standard set of
criteria people can use to determine whether a blog is credible- There Are No Metrics: There is a lot of anecdotal evidence indicating
that blogs may impact a company’s bottom line, but no hard statistics showing how
blogs have driven sales or changed customer perceptions- Blogging Is Hard Work: Blogs take a lot of time and effort to develop
and grow. Unless a blog is integrated into an organization’s long term
communications strategy, it may not be successfulWhy Blogs Deserve A Serious LookDespite the many drawbacks associated with blogs, executives, physicians and other
players in the healthcare industry should take them seriously. Blogs are poised to
significantly impact many aspects of healthcare, including perceptions of medical
products and the relationship between providers and patients. Following is a brief
overview of some of the key ways blogs may influence the healthcare industry.Healthcare Blogs and the Provider-Patient RelationshipIn July 2005, Harris Interactive released a poll indicating that 117 million Americans
have turned to the Internet for healthcare information. Think about this for a
moment. This survey suggests that online health information may be having a
profound influence on the healthcare provider-patient relationship. This means that
people may already be using information posted by providers, experts, patients and
others on blogs in conversations with their physicians.Healthcare Blogs and Market ResearchHealthcare blogs are already affecting healthcare-related communications activities,
including market research. Nielsen BuzzMetrics, an Internet monitoring firm, reports
that 14 of the world’s top 15 pharmaceutical companies are already using its
services to track “buzz” about their products on blogs and other “consumer-
generated content” (i.e., bulletin boards, podcasts, etc.). As the healthcare
“blogosphere” expands, the influence of blogs may only increase.Healthcare Blogs and Disease ManagementHealthcare blogs are also having an impact on medical treatment. For example, a
number of physicians have developed blogs that provide information to healthcare
providers on how to manage common and rare medical conditions. These blogs are
highly ranked on major search engines and are widely read.Blogs and Healthcare: More Than Hype So, should healthcare executives, pharmaceutical companies and others believe the
hype about blogs? Maybe so, maybe not. However, at the very least, they should
learn as much as they can about what blogs mean for healthcare and think about
whether launching one is worth the effort. When it comes to blogs, knowledge is

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